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King Beer Steins

Our German Beer Steins make a great gift or addition to any beer stein collection. Limited Edition King-Werk beer steins are individually numbered and authenticated on the bottom of the stein.

KING WORKS are situated in the Westerwald (Western Forest) of Germany, near the Rhine and Koblenz (the ancient Roman town of Confluentia) as well as the famous Limes (the fortified Roman border).

The trademark KING guarantees the most authentic quality to all friends of genuinely handcrafted and handpainted German Steins.

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Beer Stein Black Germany with pewter eagle 0.75L
  • $159.00
  • $139.00
German Beer Stein - German Knights .3L
  • $99.00
Deutschland Shield Stein 0.6L
  • $179.00
Glass German Beer Boot - Hofbräuhaus Munich .5L
  • $29.95
Beer Stein - Ireland .5L
  • $139.00
Beer Stein Panorama Germany 0.4L
  • $119.00
Beer Stein Wildlife with Eagle 0.5L
  • $149.00

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King-Werk Gift Box
  • $39.00
Berlin Stein with Authentic Wall Piece .5L
  • $149.00
'Life is a Gamble' Stein .5L
  • $129.00
Power of the Wolf Pack Stein 0.75
  • $149.00
Berlin Panorama Stein with Pewter Plateau Lid
  • $169.00
German Wheat Beer Stein - Coat of Arms .5L
  • $79.00
German Beer Stein - Leif Eriksson - .75L
  • $169.00
German Beer Stein - Deutschland Eagle Panorama .5L
  • $119.00
German Beer Stein - Souvenir Shield .5L
  • $89.00
German Beer Stein - Deutschland Wheat Beer Tulip .3L
  • $29.95
German Beer Stein - Lord of Crystal - Black .5L
  • $339.00