The Black Forest Clock Association "VdS"


The VdS, or Black Forest Clock Association in English, is a collective of clock suppliers and producers located in the Black Forest region of Germany. Cuckoo clocks are a very important cultural item for the people of the Black Forest. The VdS was created not only to guarantee that your clock is entirely locally sourced and produced but that it also adheres to strict guidelines of quality and performance. Your clock will come with a Certificate of Authenticity, shown below:


Clock Repair Services



Even though Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks are extremely durable products, they will still require some maintenance over the course of their lifetime. Accidents do happen as well, of course, and we are here to help! If you purchased your clock from us, you already have a limited service two-year warranty. For a select few of our higher tier clocks, the warranty period is five years. Please see our Shipping and Frequently Asked Questions page for specific details on Warranty Repairs.

If you think your clock needs service, first check our Trouble Shooting Guide. It contains many helpful videos for simple problems that you may be able to fix yourself at home. If you feel uncomfortable making an adjustment, always give us a call first. We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have. We also offer video chat with our expert clock repairman. He is very good at diagnosing issues over the phone and can explain the issue in simple terms so that we can get your clock up and running again for you as quickly as possible.

If your clock requires more direct attention, we are set up to perform all repairs and maintenance in-house. Just get in touch via phone or email using our Contact Us Page and we will get the ball rolling for you. If getting the clock to our store is an issue, we may be able to suggest a Service Center closer to your area for your convenience. We will service your clock for its lifetime, even if it is not within the warranty period. Call us anytime you have an issue or question, we are always more than happy to help!

We offer Repair Services on clocks not purchased from us as well. For such clocks, we cannot have them shipped to us – you would need to drop the clock off at our physical store in Pennsylvania and then pick it up once the repair is complete. We offer two types of Clock Service: Tune-Ups and Restorations. A Tune-Up is very similar to what you might have done to your car. This Service is meant for clocks with minor issues or maintenance related to keeping the clock smoothly. For older clocks, they may require our more in-depth Service known as a Restoration. This Service is meant for clocks with broken pieces and other more complicated issues. If you would like to have your clock Serviced, simply give us a call, or contact us via email and we will guide you through the process.




Our clock repairman, John Hope, is a native Austrian that has been repairing cuckoo clocks as well as other clock styles for most of his life. He has a very deep knowledge of the workings of clocks and an attention to detail that is necessary in his profession. He may even be able to spot a potential problem with your clock that you were unaware of before it becomes an issue. Similarly, he knows what work needs to be done and what work is cosmetic, allowing you to plan your clock repair without breaking your budget. The owner of our store is also very proficient at clock repair. John and he frequently confer on the proper tactic to employ when fixing a clock.