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King Beer Steins

Who would not like to have a "King" in his house?

Even if a Beer Stein from the KING company is not a real "King", it is truly a Drinking Vessel for the Nobility.
There is no doubt that the saying: "There is not a more classic way to enjoy a Beer than from a Beer Stein!" is true.
All KING-Werk Steins are dedicated to a special Theme and are therefore timeless Testimonies. Handcrafted, they are suitable not only for Decoration or as Collector's items.

Just as in the Past, the Beer Stein stands for rustic, pure Beer-Enjoyment.
Although today the Beer Mug is no longer cooled in the Stream to fill it directly at the Brewery with the delicious Beer and take to Work. The Enjoyment from a KING Beer Stein is and remains a true Experience.

Limited Edition King-Werk Beer Steins are individually numbered and authenticated on the Bottom of the Stein.

KING WORKS is situated in the Westerwald of Germany, near the Rhine and Koblenz 

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Fest Musical Stein w. Music Box and Taps - .75L
  • $299.00