Our Story

The owner of our company, Mr. Bernd Fehrenbach, comes from a long line of Black Forest artisans. The Fehrenbach family has been engaged in the business of woodcarving in the Black Forest for at least five generations. Johann Fehrenbach, Bernd’s grandfather, was a carver of fine cabinets and he passed this interest on to his son, Rudi. Rudi made the choice to become a woodcarver himself and accepted an apprenticeship in 1949 to learn this fine art. Often working six days a week in the old German way, he became a Master of his craft. In 1969, he decided to open a small shop within the beautiful and historic town of Schonach where he began to apply his new skills to the making of cuckoo clocks.

Bernd, his son, gained an appreciation for woodworking and craftsmanship from watching his father. He himself learned to carve, a past time he still enjoys to this day. In order to share their art, Bernd and Rudi began to travel outside the Black Forest region throughout Germany attending craft shows, exhibitions and especially the world famous German Christkindlmarkt, or Christmas Markets in English. They also traveled extensively in the United States where cuckoo clocks and other handmade German gifts are always in high demand due to their reputation for quality.

Bernd had larger aspirations, however. Together with his young family, he moved to the United States in 2008 where he opened a German gifts store in Peddler’s Village located in historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He experienced immediate success, featuring not just Cuckoo Clocks but NutcrackersSmokers, Pyramids, Beer Steins, Glassware, Nativity sets by the companies Anri, Deur and Pema, as well as other handmade German souvenirs. 

In 2010, our original website officially opened for business allowing Fehrenbach Black Forest Clocks and Gifts to ship our large selection of cuckoo clocks and other German specialties throughout the United States and to many other countries as well. We here in the customer service department are always ready and able to offer you the best and most reliable service in the industry, something we take great pride in. Contact us by phone or email and we are always more than willing to provide you with an easy and enjoyable shopping experience. Under the expert direction of our Store Manager, we have added a large selection of traditional German foods, treats, lace, linens and hand-blown glass ornaments to our store. Stop in to see her and the rest of our Staff. They are always happy to assist in choosing just the right item for any occasion. We also feature a comprehensive collection of German glassware to ensure that no one should have to drink a beer from the wrong glass – an inexcusable offense to any German.

Our commitment to you the customer, whether you visit our store or our website, is first and foremost helpful, friendly customer service. We offer high quality, authentic German products that we are proud to stand behind. Our business is run like a family business, and we want you the customer to join that family. Come see us any time and enjoy our little corner of Germany, right here in the United States!