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Our Nativity sets and wood figurines are hand carved and painted in Tyrol as they have been for more than 100 years. You can always be sure you are getting the highest quality pieces. Each figure is shipped directly from Italy to our store and carefully inspected before reaching your collection. 


Every piece in the Nativity set may be listed as the same size but they are actually scaled to make sense within the Nativity scene. (See our blog about "How to pick the right size for Your PEMA figurine" here)

You will always know the size of the set by measuring St. Joseph. All other figures are based on that piece. If your St. Joseph figure is 3" tall, you have the 3" set. Since most of our collectors are in the U.S. we list everything in inches. Please keep in mind that if you see PEMA or DEUR information elsewhere it is possible they are using centimeters instead.