PEMA Figurines and Nativities - The "Inn's" and Outs of Collecting

So, You Would Like To Start Collecting a PEMA Nativity Set – What Is the First Step?

The Italian company, PEMA, has a long tradition of producing high quality woodcarvings. Nestled in a lovely little valley in the Italian Alps, the town of Val Gardena has been producing hand carved wooden figurines, Nativity Sets and toys for hundreds of years. They have made it their mission to spread their art far and wide, producing both religious and profane statuettes. With so many figurines and styles to choose from, starting a collection can be a daunting task, here are some easy-to-follow rules to help you select exactly what you are looking for!

1. Size, Size, Size!

The size of your set is the single most important decision you can make. We here at Fehrenbach’s carry figurines for the 4, 5 and 6.5 inch sets. There are other sizes available that can be ordered, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. Nativity Sets are always sized by the height of Saint Joseph. If Joseph is 4 inches tall – you have a 4 inch set and so forth. To select the size that works best for you, think about:

  • The dimensions of the Stable that comes with your set. Even if you don’t begin by purchasing a Stable, it is always best to plan ahead.
  • Make sure to consider the sizing of additional figurines – especially the animals. If you have a 6 inch set, the camels and elephants (scaled to a 6 inch tall man) can become quite large! In addition, not all figurines are made in each size. If you would like to check, just give us a call!
  • Think about where you would like to display your set. Not all of the figurines will fit inside your Stable -typically only the “main players.” It is very important to pick a Set Size that will accommodate not only the Stable but any figurines you wish to add.

2. Select a Pre-built Set or Build One Yourself?

In addition to individual stables and figurines, we also offer pre-built sets in each of the aforementioned sizes. There is a 15 and a 29 piece set. There are pros and cons for each decision.

  • Purchasing a Pre-built Set will lower your price point. Pre-built Sets come with a discount as opposed to buying separately. This applies to figurines as well – a Holy Family as a set will be discounted vs. purchasing each member of the Family separately.
  • A Pre-built Set also gives you the advantage of the artists’ “guiding hand.” In other words, you will be receiving a set that contains the starting figurines chosen by the artists at PEMA. Going it alone gives you the advantage of selecting exactly what you want without any extraneous figurines – in other words customizing a Set specifically for you and your family.

3. Don’t Guess!

If you need any help at all deciding on which course of action to take, always reach out to us. Our helpful and friendly staff has been helping customers select just the right set for over 10 years now, so we have a lot of experience.

  • We can help you decide if you should start with a full Set or to simply begin your family tradition with a Holy Family. There are also profane figurines, such as the Stag or the Group of Rabbits, that may interest you more than a Nativity. We can help you select just the right group of figurines to create any scene you can think of, from forest animals to workmen and women busy at their crafts.

A well-chosen Nativity can be a cherished family possession for years to come. Not only are you establishing a wonderful Holiday tradition, but you are also beginning to build a family heirloom that can be passed down from family member to family member. PEMA figurines have endured the test of time, so each owner will be sure to find a figurine that they can add. Start your tradition today with a brand new PEMA Nativity Set