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Traditional German Christmas Decoration - Nutcrackers and - Smokers (Cone Incense Burners)

German Smokers from the Erzgebirge region of Germany add to the atmosphere of any room whether you use them as an incense burner or just for decoration. Our DregenoChristian Ulbricht Smokers,and Christmas Smokers for incense are great as a gift or as the final touch for your Christmas decorating.

German Nutcrackers from the Erzgebirge region of Germany are sought by collectors all over the world. Our Christian Ulbricht Nutcrackers are timeless treasures perfect for a gift or to add to your home or collection.  Christmas Nutcrackers and limited edition Nutcrackers are available - please see the product description for details.


11 products found in German Smokers, Nutcrackers & Wobble Figures

Christian Ulbricht Nutcracker - Santa with Checked Pattern Coat
  • $429.00
Christian Ulbricht Nutcracker - King Arthur Glazed
  • $219.00
Christian Ulbricht Nutcracker - Mouse King Glazed
  • $137.00
Christian Ulbricht Nutcracker - Drosselmeyer Glazed
  • $137.00
Christian Ulbricht Nutcracker - Puss in Boots Natural
  • $137.00

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Christian Ulbricht Smoker - Dwarf Santa Feeding Birds
  • $249.00
Christian Ulbricht Smoker - Skier Natural
  • $170.00
Christian Ulbricht Smoker - Chubby Santa Claus - Green
  • $62.00
Christian Ulbricht Wooden Wobble Figure - Skier - Natural (Ornament)
  • $26.00
Christian Ulbricht Nutcracker - Baker
  • $326.00
Christian Ulbricht Nutcracker - Rocking Santa
  • $429.00