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Authentic German Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest

Black Forest cuckoo clocks are our passion! The Fehrenbach family originates from the Black Forest and so do our cuckoo clocks. We have only the finest German cuckoo clocks for sale and each is certified by the Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Association - this guarantees you that the cuckoo clock was manufactured in the Black Forest, Germany. If you're searching for a German cuckoo clock (sometimes called a coocoo clock or coo coo clock) - you've come to the right place!


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What is a Black Forest Cuckoo Clock?

To be a VdS certified cuckoo clock it must be made in the Black Forest, Germany and follow strict guidelines for quality and authenticity. Below you can find all of our cuckoo clocks conveniently together without being separated by style (such as traditional, chalet, modern) or theme. This is a good place to start if you're not sure which cuckoo clock is the right one so you can see them side by side.

17 products found in Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks


Cuckoo Clock - 1-Day Black Forest Chalet with Girl & Geese - Schneider
  • $825.00
  • $495.00
Cuckoo Clock - 1-Day Chalet with Girl on Rocking Horse - Engstler
  • $450.00


Cuckoo Clock - 1-Day featuring Girl Playing with Dog - Schneider
  • $2,150.00
  • $1,290.00
Cuckoo Clock - 8-Day Chalet Mill with Child - August Schwer
  • $1,695.00


Cuckoo Clock - 8-Day Chalet With Children on Teeter-Totter - Schneider
  • $3,597.00
  • $2,158.00
Cuckoo Clock - Quartz Chalet with Girl on Rocking Horse - Engstler
  • $595.00
Cuckoo Clock - Quartz Heidi's Chalet with Music - Engstler
  • $250.00
German Clock - Quartz Heidi's Chalet - Engstler
  • $89.00
Quartz Chalet Clock with Gingerbread House - Engstler*
  • $39.00
Quartz Clock with Weatherstation - Engstler
  • $69.00
Quartz Cuckoo Clock with Swinging Boy - Engstler*
  • $59.00

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Quartz Cuckoo Clock with Swinging Girl - Engstler
  • $59.00
Quartz Heidi's Chalet Clock With Girl on Swing - Engstler*
  • $49.00
Quartz Alphorn Blower With Girl on Swing - Engstler*
  • $49.00
Chalet Clock - Quartz with Swinging Boy & Chimney Sweep - Engstler
  • $59.00
Cuckoo Clock - Quartz Tabletop Heidi Chalet - Engstler
  • $295.00
Cuckoo Clock - Quartz Chalet with Teeter Totter - Engstler
  • $1,195.00