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German Smokers from the Erzgebirge Region of Germany

They add to the atmosphere of any room whether you use them as an incense burner or just for decoration. Our Dregeno and Christian Ulbricht German Smokers for incense are great as a gift or as the final touch for your Christmas decorating.

A Smoker is in fact a decorative, German incense burner. In German they are called Räuchermänner, literally "Smoking Men." As you will see, they can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, even Mushrooms and Log Cabins! The most common variety, however, is a man or gnome smoking a pipe. The smoke comes out his mouth, never the pipe. They operate via a chimney effect. The entire Smoker opens up, usually at its waist. Two prongs of metal hold it in place when it is put back together. There are openings around this waist section that allows air to flow. There will be a small metal plate in the middle of the Smoker's waist where you place the incense cone. The incense is a cone so that it will smolder from the tip and also so that it will not fall over while burning. The air flows through the waist, up past the incense and then out the mouth, carrying with a delightful scent. Some collectors choose not to use the Smokers for their intended purpose, but rather enjoy them as delightful, handcarved figurines. For more information on Smoker use and set up, visit our Set-Up Page or give us a Call. We are always happy to help!

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