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The Rombach & Haas company was founded in 1894. A former farmhouse was chosen for its location, which is located in the middle of the quaint German town of Schonach. This small village in the Black Forest soon became the center of the cuckoo clock industry and has remained so to this day.

At first, it was hard to make a living from cuckoo clock manufacture as the demand had not yet reached the levels it has today, The Rombach and Haas company made ends meet by selling food out of their building in addition to their handmade clocks. As time passed and cuckoo clocks became more popular, the company was able to abandon the food side of their business and focus entirely on their lovely clocks.

Although Rombaach and Haas still produces the traditional style clocks that gave them their start, they have made a name for themselves in the industry for creating stunning modern timepieces that blend the old and the new. Their selections include clocks in many interesting shapes, colors and designs that match perfectly with modern and minimalist decorating schemes.

We here at Fehrenbach's are a direct authorized reseller for Romba cuckoo clocks, meaning your new cuckoo clock will ship directly from the Rombach & Haas factory in the Black Forest or from our USA store and not through a distributor. All Romba cuckoo clocks come with a 2-year warranty and are VdS certified. Romba is the premier manufacturer of Modern cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest!

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Cuckoo Clock - 8-Day Farm with Horse & Chickens - Rombach & Haas
  • $2,795.00