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Authentic German Mini Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest

Our quartz and wind-up cuckoo clocks are great for the kitchen or a child’s room. Sometimes called a kuckulino, they make a great kids cuckoo clock and offer low maintenance but have accurate time and moving parts. Most quartz miniature cuckoo clocks have a switch for Cuckoo/Chimes/Off. The wind-up clocks and some quartz clocks do not make any noise other than ticking.

8 products found in Miniature & Kids Cuckoo Clocks

Quartz Clock with Weatherstation - Engstler
  • $89.00
German Clock - Quartz Heidi's Chalet - Engstler
  • $99.00
Chalet Clock - Quartz with Swinging Boy & Chimney Sweep - Engstler
  • $69.00
Quartz Cuckoo Clock with Swinging Girl - Engstler
  • $59.00
Mini Quartz Chalet Clock with Gingerbread House - Engstler
  • $59.00


Mini Quartz Alphorn Blower With Girl on Swing - Engstler
  • $79.00


Mini Clock - Quartz Chalet with Sheep - Engstler
  • $119.00


Mini Quartz Clock with Cowherd and Cow - Engstler
  • $69.00
  • $59.00