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Herrnhut Moravian Stars

Herrnhut, which means “Under the Lord’s protection” was founded at the beginning of the 18th century by the forefathers of the Moravian Church in the region of Oberlausitz, Germany.



The tradition of the Herrnhut Star began over 160 years ago in the Renewed Moravian Church. The first star, made of paper and cardboard was constructed by a mathematics instructor at the church boarding school to help teach geometry to the students. Since then, the children have been making their own stars on the first Sunday in Advent and bringing the tradition home to their families. This popular decoration is now known as a Christmas Star or Advent Star in addition to the more formal name of Moravian star.



Each star has 25 points - 17 four-sided & 8 three-sided and are now constructed from plastic as well as the traditional paper. Moravian Star lights are a wonderful addition to any traditional Christmas setting.

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Red Herrnhuter Moravian Star Set A4 - Plastic 16"
  • $99.00
Yellow Herrnhuter Moravian Star Set A4 - Plastic 16"
  • $99.00
White Herrnhuter Moravian Star Set A4 - Plastic 16"
  • $99.00