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Funke Embroidery was founded in Eibenstock, in the Erzgebirge - a German town known for it's rich tradition in embroidery. We are proud to offer a large selection of their fine German table linens. Here you will find highest quality table cloths, table runners and matching table covers, still made in the old world tradition. These linens stand out individually, in matching sets or even by creating your own assortment.

Our table linens feature intricate and colorful embroidery as well as unique details such as scalloped edges and detailed cut-outs. We also carry Plauener Spitze (Plauen Lace) table covers, window hangings and decorative Christmas tree ornaments. Their intricate designs are the perfect accent for any room.

Many Funke table linens are extra stain resistant due to an innovative manufacturing technique known as Spot Magic, which puts an invisible protective layer on you linens - keeping them beautiful for years to come!


Made exclusively in Germany!        Stain resistant with Spot Magic!

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Linen Table Cloth - Adonisrose White
  • $69.00
  • $59.99


Linen Table Runner - Cream with Red Hibiscus Flower*
  • $19.95
  • $15.99
Linen Table Runner - Sand with Embroidered Sunflowers & Curved Border
  • $15.95


Linen Table Runner - Summer Day White
  • $14.95
Round Table Linen - "Primrose" Mandarin
  • $9.95
Round Table Linen - Sand with Embroidered Sunflowers & Scalloped Edge
  • $9.95


Square Table Linen - Cream with Red Hibiscus Flower*
  • $11.95
  • $9.99