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Beer Mugs from Germany - not only for the Oktoberfest!

Whether You are looking for a German Glass Beer Mug for the Oktoberfest, enjoy a Pilsner from a Tulip Glass, savor a lager from a German Beer Stein or want to surprise Grandma and Grandpa with a nice Coffee Mug. From a fancy Beer Stein (fully handmade in Germany) to the "Herrengedeck" (in most German States a Pilsner with a Schnapps).

You will find what You are looking for. 

If you would like some Help - our knowledgeable Team will be happy to assist You. Not sure which Glass for which Beer? Here is our Blog about "The Beers of Germany and their Glasses".

Enjoy choosing Your Favorite Glass and drink in Style!


Video " A German Beer Stein is Born"




13 products found in German Beer Steins & Glassware

Beer Stein with 3D Neuschwanstein Castle 1.5L
  • $435.00
Beer Stein Neuschwanstein Castle with Crystal Lid 0.7L
  • $325.00
Glorious Grizzly Stein 0.75L
  • $229.00
Beer Stein - Poland 0.5L
  • $139.00
Beer Stein - Italy 0.75L
  • $219.00
Fest Beer Stein with Musicians 0.5L
  • $169.00


Wheat Beer Glass 0.3L - Germany
  • $8.95
Fishing Stein .75L
  • $139.00
Beer Stein - Grey unpainted - The King's Stein .75L
  • $209.00
Beer Stein - Wedding Stein .5L
  • $189.00
Dragon Beer Stein - .75L
  • $339.00


Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Jug Beer Stein 2L
  • $299.00
  • $249.00
Beer Stein - Dublin, Ireland .5L Rustic
  • $209.00