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Engstler Cuckoo Clocks


The cuckoo clock manufacturer Engstler is a flexible family enterprise that has been modernly lead for generations, while still keeping the traditions of the past alive. By linking centuries old techniques and innovative technology they are able to offer not only mechanical cuckoo clocks, but also the latest developments in quartz cuckoo clocks as well.

We here at Fehrenbach's are a direct authorized reseller for Engstler cuckoo clocks. This means that your new cuckoo clock will ship directly from the Engstler factory in the Black Forest or from our USA store and not through a distributor. All Engstler cuckoo clocks come with a 2-year warranty and are VdS certified.

15 products found in Engstler Cuckoo Clocks

German Clock - Quartz Heidi's Chalet - Engstler
  • $99.00
Chalet Clock - Quartz with Swinging Boy & Chimney Sweep - Engstler
  • $69.00
Cuckoo Clock - Quartz Heidi's Chalet with Music - Engstler
  • $295.00
Quartz Cuckoo Clock with Swinging Girl - Engstler
  • $59.00
Quartz Clock with Weatherstation - Engstler
  • $89.00
Quartz Cuckoo Clock with Swinging Boy - Engstler*
  • $59.00


Quartz Heidi's Chalet Clock With Girl on Swing - Engstler*
  • $49.00
Cuckoo Clock - Quartz Chalet with Girl on Rocking Horse - Engstler
  • $595.00
Cuckoo Clock - 1-Day Chalet with Girl on Rocking Horse - Engstler
  • $450.00
Mini Quartz Alphorn Blower With Girl on Swing - Engstler
  • $79.00
Mini Clock - Quartz Chalet with Sheep - Engstler
  • $109.00
Mini Quartz Chalet Clock with Gingerbread House - Engstler
  • $59.00
Cuckoo Clock - Quartz Tabletop Heidi Chalet - Engstler
  • $295.00
Cuckoo Clock - Quartz Chalet with Teeter Totter - Engstler
  • $1,195.00
Mini Quartz Clock with Cowherd and Cow - Engstler
  • $69.00