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A Beer Stein was once the Method for keeping a beverage cold on the Way to Work. The Stein was cooled in the Stream and then filled directly at the Brewery.
Even today, a Beer Mug is still a good way to keep that tasty Beer cold, but the Brewery might look very surprised if you bring it there to get it refilled. But who knows?

No matter if You want a Stein for filling in the Brewery, as a Present or as a Collector's item.
We have a Beer Mug for every Occasion. Big or Small, for the Animal Lover, the History Fanatic, the Oktoberfest Lover, or as a Souvenir. A Beer Stein is always right.

You can even put a Santa Claus Beer Stein on the Mantelpiece as a Christmas decoration.





49 products found in Authentic German Beer Steins

Born-To-Ride Stein .5L
  • $299.00
Deutschland Monarchy Eagle Stein .5L
  • $109.00
Deutschland Motto Stein .5L
  • $199.00
Gray Bavaria Stein .5L
  • $119.00
Globe Stein .5L
  • $289.00
Berlin Relief Stein .5L
  • $169.00
Portraits of Munich Stein .5L
  • $169.00
Bavarian Patriot Figurine Stein
  • $279.00
German Beer Stein - Beer Boot in Ivory & Cobalt .5L
  • $99.00
German Beer Stein - Deutschland Black with Painted Eagle .5L
  • $239.00
Beer Stein with Swiss Cross and St. Bernard Top 0.5L
  • $189.00
Beer Stein - Germany with Eagle Top - 0.5L
  • $129.00
Ceramic Beer Mug with German Crest - .5L
  • $14.95