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Every piece in the ANRI Nativity set may be listed as the same size but they are actually scaled to make sense within the Nativity scene.

You will always know the size of the set by measuring St. Joseph. All other figures are based on that piece. If your St. Joseph figure is 3" tall, you have the 3" set. Since most of our collectors are in the U.S. we list everything in inches. Please keep in mind that if you see ANRI information elsewhere it is possible they are using centimeters instead.


Original Prof. Karl Kuolt hand carved & hand painted wooden nativity set from ANRI.

The name of Kuolt has long been synonymous throughout the world with skilled nativity carvings. In the 1930's, Professor Karl Kuolt designed many monuments and chapels in southern Germany before turning to carving as a profession. He had his greatest artistic success with nativity carvings. His figures are marked by simplicity and strict piety. Collectors all over the world know that individual figures remain available for many years.

Born on April 3, 1879 in Spaichingen Germany, he was a student at the Munich School of Art and then from 1910 thru 1914 at the Munich Academy. Besides a large number of well-known monuments and memorial chapels throughout Southern Germany he created countless smaller works which are now possessed by museums and private collectors. The ANRI world-famous crib figurines bearing his name are examples of his art.

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ANRI Nativity - Kuolt - Water Boy - New 2010
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