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ANRI Juan Ferràndiz Wood Nativity Sets 

Every piece in the ANRI Nativity set may be listed as the same size but they are actually scaled to make sense within the Nativity scene.

You will always know the size of the set by measuring St. Joseph. All other figures are based on that piece. If your St. Joseph figure is 3" tall, you have the 3" set. Since most of our collectors are in the U.S. we list everything in inches. Please keep in mind that if you see ANRI information elsewhere it is possible they are using centimeters instead.

Original Juan Ferràndiz hand carved & hand painted wooden nativity set from ANRI.

Juan Ferràndiz was a scriptwriter and director of animated film before he discovered his passion for Sacral art. He went to art school in his hometown of Barcelona, and his life philosophy, love for his fellowmen, whether rich or poor, regardless of nationality, is reflected in his work. His particular passion is for themes based on children, and he has also created some delightful wood sculptures that reflect his love of animals. His nativity figures are also marked by their child-like expressions, and lend an especially gentle touch to the Christmas story.

Born in Barcelona, his designs and paintings have become world famous within short time. The complete opus of Ferràndiz aims at creating a world of love, comprehension and poetry, to unite the spirit, banish the hatred and favor peace in the world with a truly honest message. His designs are beautifully turned into wood in this magnificent crib.




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ANRI Nativity - Ferràndiz - Mary
  • $499.00
  • From $199.00
ANRI Nativity - Ferràndiz - St. Joseph
  • From $259.00
ANRI Nativity - Ferràndiz - Donkey (#21)
  • From $199.00
ANRI Nativity - Ferràndiz - New Friends - New 2017
  • From $99.00