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In August 2014, Selina Haas created what was probably the most successful Black Forest advertising campaign to date, when her slogan "Big mountains, humid valleys and lots of forest" was passed through all the media and caused "hot" discussions. 118 million contacts were achieved, an unbelievable number which enormously increased the level of awareness of the Black Forest vacation region.

The Black Forest artist interprets her homeland in a cheeky, modern and lively way which has already led to television appearances, designer awards and many newspaper interviews. She is one of the first photo artists in the Black Forest, who put the theme "Black Forest" with all its tradition, romance and symbolism in a new light and thus created space for new views.


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"Intertwined" - Canvas Print - Selina Haas
  • $315.00
"Living Room" - Panoramic Canvas Print - Selina Haas
  • $315.00
"Royal" - Medium Canvas Print - Selina Haas
  • $150.00